At Keratinbar, we know that you’re unique,and your hair is too.Our mission is to provide personalized services and custom-mixed products tailored to your hair’s individual needs.

Although we’re the keratin experts, we offer a full menu of services (including cuts, color, and styling) to complement your keratin, ensuring you leave the salon with the smooth, manageable hair you desire.

Plus, we’ve made to our keratin formulas affordable, so everyone can enjoy our luxurious treatments.



A new way to GLAZE your hair.

Seal the cuticle down and increase shine, K-Gloss enhances natural hair, give s longevity to color or highlighted hair, helps dull hair look better and as the gloss covers the hair shaft.

It also protects hair from damage for timeless blow dry.

Contains Keratin & Collagen to rebuild hair fiber and Glycerin to add moisture K-Gloss treated hair can be washed the same day and can be tied back or up without adverse conditions.